Hi, I'm Julia Wolffe.

I train horses and riders for the sport and art of classical dressage. I have had the good fortune to ride with some wonderful trainers, and on some wonderful horses, during my career.  My biggest mentors were Molly Sivewright FBHS as well as Hubert Rohrer and Karl Mikolka from the Spanish Riding School.  These trainers were/are masters of our sport and I work everyday to live up to the ideals they set out for me.

I have worked in this field, both as a barn owner and as a freelance trainer, for the last four decades.  While my expertise lies in the dressage arena, I encourage some jumping, galloping or trail riding, and generally having fun with one's horse.  I work to develop sport riders and sport horses (regardless of breed) that can remain sound and happy while excelling in the rigors of gymnastic (physical and mental) dressage development. 

I work with all levels of horses and riders.  My approach to training is from the perspective of a lifelong athlete, both in equestrian sports and as a runner.  Throughout all my training, from groundbreaking to Grand Prix, I focus on developing balanced, sound bodies and healthy minds.  I am a licensed massage therapist, something that I did to increase my knowledge of muscles and how they worked.  My experience and education, as a schoolteacher, as a riding instructor, and as a long time trainer, has given me many tools for working with the large array of personalities and learning styles that one may come across. 

My goal is for my students and I to enhance the beauty that our horses already possess.  I never grow tired of watching the transformation that good dressage training can make.


I am certified to teach by the following national and international organizations:

  • British Horse Society
  • United States Pony Club
  • United States Dressage Federation

Kind words from clients

“Julia is exactly the right person to work with my older, "non traditional" dressage horse. She's patiently pushes both me and my horse out of our comfort zones, setting us up for the little successes that keep us building on our training pyramid. Her knowledge and experience makes me trust that we'll keep my dancing partner fit and comfortable in the best possible way as he ages. And she's a ton a fun to ride with!"

— Suzi H.

“Julia is an amazing trainer. I've had many dressage instructors over time, and all contributed - in some cases, greatly - to my education, but Julia has just taken that and made it all whole! SO Good!"

— Susan B.

"I've seen Julia fix horses whose dressage careers were thought to be over. I've seen her help riders like me overcome the challenges within the levels and earn medals while achieving fantastic scores. Horses in her program have come off of expensive medications and injections because they are returned to soundness with correct strengthening. She is nothing short of amazing and I'm thankful every day that I found her!"

Jessica S.